Low Calorie Starbucks Drinks

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Starbucks has more than 40 low-cal drinks on the menu that are 100 calories or less.

Starbucks Low Calorie Drinks

starbucks drinks with the least calories

Starbucks hot and iced brewed tea are 0-calorie beverages. And a grande hot coffee only has 5 calories.

calories in  starbucks iced coffee

A grande Starbucks iced coffee has 80 calories. For less calories, order it without classic syrup.

low-cal refreshers

Starbucks Refreshers are only 90 calories in a grande. Skip the lemonade and coconutmilk. Each adds 40-50 calories per drink.

low calorie espresso drinks 

Starbucks has lots of low calorie espresso drinks, too. Americanos have 15 calories & an Iced Shaken Espresso has 100.

high calorie  drinks to avoid

Frappuccinos and beverages with lots of milk, syrup, sauce and toppings have the most calories at Starbucks.

cut calories on a starbucks drink

To cut calories on any Starbucks drink, reduce the number of pumps of syrup or sauce, switch to a lower calorie milk, and leave off sugary toppings.

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Every drink on the list is 100 calories or less!